all our blessings

all our blessings
the little girl finally came along. We have had a very busy year. We are blessed to welcome a precious little girl into our lot of testosterone. Hadley Joy is a happy wonderful little girl who is growing up way to fast.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So this was John's idea a good idea. He thought it wouldn't be all that snowy once they got up to the property. I think he was wrong. They had a lot of fun freezing there toes off and trying to catch there boots and beards on fire. What a trip!!!!!!

Hi. Mom thought that I (John)should be talking about how it felt up there. The first thing I felt up there was horrible tires. The scout got stuck in the snow about 7 times!! The second feeling I hated was that snow got in my shoes (when I mean shoes I mean shoes)and for the rest of the two days I thought that maybe it wasn't too late to go home. I won't ever ever go to that retched property ever again!(but maybe untill summer.)

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