all our blessings

all our blessings
the little girl finally came along. We have had a very busy year. We are blessed to welcome a precious little girl into our lot of testosterone. Hadley Joy is a happy wonderful little girl who is growing up way to fast.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is little Mathew at the airport, with grandpa, on what would be our first attempt at leaving San Luis. I looked at the wrong flight time and as it turned out we got to spend another night in lovely California. It was nice to be able to get to know the little man just a little bit more before bringing him home. As the fire raged on and fire truck, police cars roared onto the seen of the accident at In and Out this is how the event unfolded for Mathew. Someone who new him called his foster family to ask why he was at In and Out, I thought that was great, so many people looking out for him.
Mathew and Uncle Walter at the airport. What a precious boy.
We finally made it home on Monday. A day later then we had planned, the second attempt went off without a hitch, we are so happy to be home. The boys are having fun with Mathew and we let them stay home on Tuesday because we missed them and so the could get to know Mat a little bit. Zane did the introductions for the dogs, so now he has formally met everyone.

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