all our blessings

all our blessings
the little girl finally came along. We have had a very busy year. We are blessed to welcome a precious little girl into our lot of testosterone. Hadley Joy is a happy wonderful little girl who is growing up way to fast.

Friday, June 13, 2008

So I have been getting nagged from some of you that I haven't updated in a while. I am sorry I have been a busy girl. John had to do somethings outside with the truck so he put Mathew in the co-captain spot. He loved it he sat there so content and happy then big brother Jaxon had to get in on the action. He is such a good baby. He doesn't really care for the food yet, he prefers the bottle but I am hoping that it will help he sleep better at night. I soooo need my beauty sleep. All in all he is doing very well and it seems hard to believe he has only been here for a month and a half, it seems like he has always been here. We just love him to pieces. We are trying a new nick name out on him, what do you all think of "Hulk"?

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Anonymous said...

Heather, What a cute little guy! I am so happy for you and your ever growing family. We are one down and lots more to go!!! I hope to have a house full just like you some day. :)