all our blessings

all our blessings
the little girl finally came along. We have had a very busy year. We are blessed to welcome a precious little girl into our lot of testosterone. Hadley Joy is a happy wonderful little girl who is growing up way to fast.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

OK, so I am a bit of slacker when it comes this blogging thing. I have been a little busy. We did not have the opportunity to do any thing extra fun this summer but I did get to take the kids to the air show. I didn't however take into consideration the amount of noise a F-16 could make and thus we had to make a early and hasty exit. The older boys got to do the Army climbing wall. It took Zane a little longer to get going but he didn't give up. He made about the same distance as the other boys. They had a lot of fun and had the anchor ladies laughing.

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Deborah said...

Haha! that one of the boys in the plane is hilarious! Jaxon cracks me up!