all our blessings

all our blessings
the little girl finally came along. We have had a very busy year. We are blessed to welcome a precious little girl into our lot of testosterone. Hadley Joy is a happy wonderful little girl who is growing up way to fast.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are homeschooling now through a virtual school and they had a field trip today to the ice rink. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea, roller skating did not go very well. I am here to tell you that ice skating is where it is at. They have these walker things that the boys could use and they got to go around and around with everyone. I would highly recommend this activity for busy boys. Johnny had no problem, he took to it like he was born there. Jaxon and Zane used the walkers and were doing tricks and gymnastic type moves, it was fun.

Jaxon is the far kid and Zane is up close.
Johnny was trying to do spins and skate backwards.

This was our pour attempt at a gingerbread house from scratch. I tried to pass it off as asian inspired but alas nobody bought it. The boys had fun decorating it though.


Shiloh said...

I got a good laugh out of your Asian Ginger Bread House...Very cute!
I think we may try one this year, maybe?

Heather said...

I don't really have the patience for that kind of stuff, I am not sure it will happen again. I have big dreams of creatvie things but do not have the skill to pull it off.

Billy D Wheeler said...

That looks like so much fun! I went ice skating probably 10 years ago and it did not go over well. 2 years ago I had those metal walker/skater things and had SO MUCH FUN!!!